Wydarzenie minęło

Antez (Francja) – koncert

czwartek, 25 kwietnia 2019

21:00 – 23:00

Gdańska 10

The basic of this performance is to play the sympathies of the room’s resonant structure, sculpted each time a new according to its architetural singularity. The concerp of the show remains mutable to the last moment, using exclusively acoustic procedures and methods of production which are generated by the movements of my body.

My first inspiration to produce a continuous sound with a percussive instrument evolved through an investigative process of the acoustic qualities of the performance space. I picking out various objects and implements over my travels tours, and in my working residency I have adapted this piece to be played on a large drum, which is used as a vibrational amplifier. I develop an intimate affinity with the materials in vibration. I have to evaluate these vibrations in my body at different levels, to be able to coordinate my postures and movements, and thus put them in vibration. For give life to these vibrations I have used, since 2008, circumnambulation.

My sound are often compared to certain sounds produced by synthesizers. However, my acoustic sounds depends of the reflective quality of surrounding surfaces, and on the volume of the performance space itself.