Wydarzenie minęło

Fire! Orchestra „Actions” at Sacrum Profanum

wtorek, 11 września 2018

21:00 – 23:00

Sacrum Profanum

ACTIONS – for jazz ensemble / Krzysztof Penderecki
Arr – Mats Gustafsson & Fire! Orchestra

A new version of a classic piece by K. Pendercki.
Originally played by an all star european free jazz ensemble under K. Penderecki own leadership in 1971.
This is a new reading made by Fire! Orchestra and Mats Gustafsson – using the structure and the original score as a fundament for a new version and interpretation. Commissioned by Sacranum Profanum festival for Fire! Orchestra to put this classic piece in a contemporary setting, with a new body of sound and a contemporary approach.

The original score will be used as a platform for a new approach and musical freedom within the forms and original idea of the piece. New instrumental techniques and technologies will develop a new interpretation and create a piece that is as much connected to the history and legacy of Penderecki´s music as well as the future of contemporary creative music.

A unique version of Fire! Orchestra is put together for this special event.
Niklas Barnö, Susanna Santos Silva, Goran Kajfes – trumpet
Reine Fiske- guitar
Per Åke Holmlander- cimbasso / tuba
Maria Bertel- trombone
Anna Högberg – alto sax
Mats Gustafsson – tenor and bari sax
Per Texas Johansson – tenor sax & clarinet, flute
Christer Bothén – clarinets
Alexander Zetson- organ
Elsa Bergman – double bass
Johan Berthling – el bass
Andreas Werliin – drums