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Izolovaná spojení – Isolated connections

czwartek, 30 kwietnia 2020

18:00 – 21:00

World Wide Web
World Wide Web

?️Darina Alster (CZ)
Mobius Strip

The performance is a transformation of the state of isolation. It is about communication with inner world, which opens, dissolves the borders of personal identity, and is projected to the external space which subsequently shapes the individual.
The individual then doesn’t distinguish between their own position, world affairs and the empathy of the houseplants.

Darina Alster is an artist who clearly formulates her statement about borders and limitations of nowadays world. She disrupts the convetionally perceived boundaries, opens different taboos and critically speaks out towards the society. She is interested in social experience, but also in unchangeable givenness of human soul, archetypes and mysteries.

?️Kamila Wolszczak & Dominika Borkowska (PL/NL)
PARAperformance online

Current global situation and social distance forced many people to function in remote cooperation, relationship and creativity. For PARAperformance it’s nothing strange, as the duo since a few years now focuses on remote live art.

In the event for Isolated Connections, Kamila and Dominika process their identities, online meeting, relationships and sisterhood. They refer to virtual reality with the masks with their own images, which are their regular element in the Ring # performance cycle. They transform themselves to the gifs, they look for a dialogue between: closeness vs. distance, micro vs. macro, selfie vs. body during the female rituals.

?️Tomáš Hrdina – Noissue (CZ)

Experimental noise project based on improvisation and spatial sound. Distinctive compositions coming from layering of simple repetitive melodies, calm ambient sounds or industrial drones and harsh noise. The sound is formed by synthesizers, pick-ups, sound generators, microphones and guitar pedals and is distributed by several amps situated in a room. Polyphonic contruction of a noise wall is created by decontruction of audio signal. A single sound can be heard in a multiple ways.

Tomáš Hrdina is a musician and media artist, he lives in Denmark and Czechia. He studied in studio of painting under prof. Daniel Balabán and was long active in a cultural and mainly music scene around former Ostrava-based music club Plan B and the Chee Chaak festival.