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Koncert: Kentucky Waterfall (Carlson/Niewiński/Pezda/Parker)

wtorek, 23 kwietnia 2019

20:00 – 22:00

Floriańska 15

Dustin Carlson
Damian Niewiński
Sławek Pezda
Mike Parker

Baza, Floriańska 15, Kraków
23.04.2019, godz. 20.00
bilety: 20 PLN

Smelling of charred oak barrels and tobacco, Kentucky Waterfall is a jazz experience one is to be consumed by, much like time, as new friends wax philosophic on a sticky southern night, as young beauties reveal their wears. Somewhere, in all people, is an echo of what should be, a tune that is often too faint to hear. That tune, drown out by the dull drone of prepackaged life, is a wild and twisting melody, that drives one to lap up the sweet mountain nectar. These four men have heard that faint echo, deep in the pit of their soul, it is amplification that they now seek. The essence, is to wonder, to be captivated by the simple, to live a life free of presupposition, free to truly experience. And so it is for four men from New York (and Poland), as they had their inner southerner agitated, by bourbon, by fast women, by long sits with strangers who talk about nothing and everything. The birth of Kentucky Waterfall is the emergence of a deep longing that cries out “Y’all!” It is a journey back to the simple, in order to chase that infinite melody. Kentucky Waterfall is at its core an amplification of the divine language of music, spoken with the divine accent of the deep American South.