Wydarzenie minęło

MESTIÇO Na Spokojnie: Panxing, Gel, Lensk

piątek, 22 marca 2019

19:00 – 22:00

Klubojadalnia Młodsza Siostra
Dobra 14/16

~~~ unusual appearance:
this time we’re calm and focused
gathering together as friends
to listen deeply
and to drift on the waves ~~~

sound provided by:

PANXING (NESM / posh isolation)
PANXING is the moniker of Copenhagen-based artist Pernille Zidore Nygaard. PANXING combines elements of techno and experimental electronic music with soft minimalist piano pieces in a landscape that is formless, but painted with clinical precision.

Gel (NESM)
Gel is produced and enacted by Karis Zidore, a dancer and
choreographer, who lives and works in Berlin and Copenhagen. ‘Drama Tools’ – her musical debut – comes out as deconstructed dance music dwelling on the constant displacement of beats and the friction between rhythms and soundscapes.
Yes, it’s dance music and yet it wants to maintain the messiness of the body; crooked, natural and out of sync. Sometimes it’s just hard to separate the body from the music.

Cold flowers, champagne petals, machine assemblages.

Doors open 19:00
Starts 19:30
Ends 22:00