Wydarzenie minęło

Timber Rattle (USA) | Puszczyk

poniedziałek, 13 maja 2019

20:00 – 23:00

Scena Supernova
Gazowa 21


Na Scenie Supernova wystąpią Timber Rattle i Puszczyk.

TIMBER RATTLE is a kind of „pyche-pastoral” hymnal which seems to be as informed by noise shows in West Coast basements as it is by the Southern Baptist churches of the Blue Ridge Mountains where it’s sound originates.
It is both spatially vast and intimately spiritual, hoping to create a reflective space that shares a border with silence, within which to seek a solitary or individual experience with nature; with the mountains, the forests, the deserts, the oceans, and the phantoms of these places.

While never straying too far from a pastoral/folk sound that celebrates these histories and geographies generally, the songwriting is yet superimposed with an environment of drone and psyche-experimentation which focuses on an intuitive exploration of tone, pattern, scale, and palette. Lyrically, the layers of harmonies are willfully abstract; the sound and the shape of the words carrying more weight than any 'meaning’ that may be discerned…the
vocals, as sound, inhere as an instrument in the sonic celebration of the relationships between land and bodies, animals and plants, food and poison, space and cycles, language, magic, life and death.


Puszczyk to pochodzący z Krakowa duet, który w swojej twórczości manewruje między gatunkami shoegaze i drone, brzmieniowo zmierzając do przemycenia ładnych, czasem nawet naiwnych melodii w dusznym miksie gitar, syntezatorów, field recordingu i maszyn perkusyjnych.
Cel: resentymentalna orkiestra
Środki: opresywna ilość pogłosu i przesteru.