Wydarzenie minęło

Treatise: Building Music/Spatial Objects & Listening Strategy

środa, 19 grudnia 2018

18:30 – 21:30

Kołorking Muzyczny
Święty Marcin 75

We are exploring a methodology for interpreting Cornelius Cardew’s graphic score „Treatise”. The score, when taken seriously, allows one perfect freedom to imagine and execute new ways of making sounds. The freedom „Treatise” ensures also insists on the ethical dimension of personal responsibility for this freedom, for one’s decisions, and so there is a philosophical dimension extending into the environment of social relationships. To organize new ideas about collective listening and to present the radical alterity of sound creations and sound outside the box as a permanent standing wave, we can therefore take some new steps in trying to use the space at KM as an instrument to renovate the sense of listening in space and explore new social and vital connections. Architecture, light, space as well as musical instruments. We must build or witness. I think :)
For those who have never attended previous meetings, please get familiar with the score and it’s basic features
This essay by British pianist John Tilbury is very good.
Full Treatise Score pdf