Wydarzenie minęło

V/A #30 bod [包家巷] / T. Gowdy / Akwizgram

czwartek, 21 lutego 2019

20:00 – 23:00

Belwederska 44A

Wydarzenie organizowane we współpracy z Avant Art Festival

::: bod [包家巷]
bod [包家巷] is an audiovisual artist from Tucson and based in Berlin who has released on ZOOM LENS, Quantum Natives, Knives and most recently Danse Noire. Their work can be generalized to be theoretics on the technological and psychological, while individual units of releases and performance move deeper into the ever dissolving boundary between art and the rest of life. Most recent focus has been on sound artworks, but in the past bod produced as a typographer and a photographer. bod shows come as a bundled option with engaged hyper reality visuals from @flufflord .

bod talks inspiringly about their/art in general, on platforms across the spectrum. bod’s philosophies tend towards approaches of conceptual art which translates to a vivid, hyper colour and generous sensory experience. bod uses multiple similar pseudonyms across their output, and is focused on performative sound works right now, though continues to maintain several online visual platforms for digital/web art.
> https://baojiaxiang.bandcamp.com
> https://www.instagram.com/flufflord
> https://youtu.be/qf7Lvt9NtIA
> http://dansenoire.bandcamp.com/album/dn014-the-recurrence-of-infections
> https://soundcloud.com/quantum_natives/bod-advent-of-the-silicon-rain

::: Akwizgram
„Akwizgran” to nazwa funkcjonująca jedynie w języku polskim, natomiast słowo „Akwizgram” nie występuje w żadnym języku. Po latach tworzenia do szuflady, zadebiutował w 2018 roku albumem „4ever” wydanym w enjoy life. Na swoim drugim albumie, który jest w trakcie powstawania, muzyka, nie tracąc swojej oniryczności i niedookreśloności, staje się potężniejsza i bardziej intensywna.
> https://soundcloud.com/akwizgram
> http://enjoylife.bandcamp.com/album/4ever

::: T. Gowdy
T. Gowdy is a Montreal-based sound artist and musician who began his career at the age of 11 as a professional choral singer with the American Boychoir in 1993. He later studied classical guitar and trained as a tonmeister. His sound work has accrued credits on more than sixty music productions and film in Canada, USA and Europe.
> https://tgowdy.bandcamp.com
> https://soundcloud.com/tgowdy
> https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/tgowdy
> https://www.instagram.com/t_g0wd_y